About Yaya

Hi there, I’m Yaya

Hey there, I’m Anya, also known as Yaya. Welcome to The Tales Of Yaya! This is my own special, dedicated place on the interweb where I can share my various adventures and mishaps with you lovely lot.

Where did it all start? Well, I have always loved travelling, reading and trying new things. Starting The Tales Of Yaya felt like the natural step to document my own adventures and explore my own ability to write. It all started during my time at university, back when I was reading books for a living (those were the days). A few years down the line, and I’m still blogging! Although now I’m supposedly more of an adult and have swapped my days reading for a career in digital marketing. But The Tales Of Yaya is still the same! Whether it’s exploring somewhere new, diving into a good read, cooking up something scrummy, or learning something new, I still love sharing my latest tales with you!

If you are interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you! Simply get in touch here.